Melted Armed Bar saving Lives

Armed Bar Melted


Criminals‬ recently attempted to break through the ‪‎ViewProtect‬ ‎Armed Bars‬ by trying to melt the ‪‎Transparent Bar‬. The ViewProtect  Armed Bar‬ activated the ‪‎alarm‬ after the heat burnt through a concealed wire and the #criminals then fled the scene empty handed.

The ViewProtect Armed Bar again demonstrates the importance of the ‪Transparent Burglar Bars‬ to be connected to an active alarm system.


Smart Bar technology

The Armed Bar has a specially designed wire that has been forced into the sides of the transparent burglar bar and can be connected to any alarm system. This thin wire is not visible when looking through your window and the clear window guards.

The in-series connection of the wires in the transparent burglar bars receives an electrical pulse from the alarm board and the resistors protect the burglar bars if the electrical pulse is bypassed or bridged.

The specially designed wires are connected inside the AluRail or a custom Armed Bar box that is connected separately to the window frame. Should the Armed Bars be cut, kicked out or tampered with in an attempted burglary, the thin wire will break and activate the alarm.

(Int Pat Appl No PCT/IB2011/002875 – US Patent No. 9 035 770)