ViewProtect Aluminium Tubing

ViewProtect™ Aluminium Tubing

ViewProtect aluminium tubing (25mm x 25mm) is supplied in lengths of 2m.

Each tube is epoxy coated in either white, brown, grey or charcoal and comes with 10 covering plugs.


Aluminium Tubing



Also included with each Aluminium Tubing package are 10 screws and plugs as well as 4 stop end plugs.

Square aluminium tubing can be installed to the brickwork (reveal) next to the window frame to:

  1. Obtain maximum fitment strength;
  2. If the window frame edge has insufficient space to fix the screws or rivets;
  3. If the window frame is not strong enough to resist force exerted by a burglar;
  4. If the window will be preventing from opening when screws/rivets are installed;
  5. Cleaning of glass will be influenced.

Refer to the fitment procedures inside the packaging.

TestedViewProtect™ adheres to strict regulations on the standard of the polycarbonate products used, purchasing these products from ISO regulated companies.


An independent test laboratory (University of Stellenbosch Institute of Structural Engineering) runs random tests on the polycarbonate products prior to the sale of  ViewProtect™ Transparent Burglar Bars.


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