ViewProtect Cleaning Kit

ViewProtect™ Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit

The ViewProtect Cleaning Kit will assist you in cleaning and maintaining ViewProtect transparent burglar bars. 

The cleaning kit includes the following items:

  • 1 x ViewProtect Cleaner 50ml spray bottle
  • 2 x  ViewProtect micro fibre finger hood cloths

After enhancing the aesthetics of your home and the improvement of your priceless views with ViewProtect transparent burglar bars, it is of utmost importance to maintain and keep these bars clean and scratch free with ViewProtect Cleaner.

This non-toxic, special mixture has been formulated to be used to clean polycarbonate transparent burglar bars without damaging the material and UV protection. This formulation will CLEAN, POLISH and PROTECT your polycarbonate bars against dust, fingerprints, etc. and will remove the static developed after cleaning these bars.

ViewProtect Cleaner is ammonia and alcohol free.

ViewProtect has also a micro fibre ViewProtect finger hood cloth, which fits over your fingers when cleaning these bars. These ViewProtect finger hood cloths are provided in 2 different colours.

One of the cloths is used to apply the cleaner and the second cloth to polish the ViewProtect transparent bars.

These ViewProtect finger hood cloths are designed to enable you to easily clean the ViewProtect transparent bars and to avoid using dirty, all-purpose cloths.


TestedViewProtect™ adheres to strict regulations on the standard of the polycarbonate products used, purchasing these products from ISO regulated companies.


An independent test laboratory (University of Stellenbosch Institute of Structural Engineering) runs random tests on the polycarbonate products prior to the sale of  ViewProtect™ Transparent Burglar Bars.


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